I am still gathering background info/historical data about many interresting objects, and I’ll try to give an update on each and one of them as new

There are many things on “the drawing board” for the moment, and I’ll try to list some of them here in this first post.

-WW2 bomber planes in the Oslo Fjord, Southern Norway

-Air-drop of holding containers for the SOF in Norway during WW2 (several containers lost during drop, due to malfunctioning of the parachute), near Oslo Southern Norway

-Mapping of parts of the largest inland-lake in Norway, due to the discovery of a small ship back in 2006. The ship has been carbon (C14) dated to 1470-1570. This lake have been a “higway” for transportation in earlier days, as it stretches about 110Km from North to South.
Some parts of the lake is more than 500 meters deep, and the first attempt to map the seafloor will only be consentrated on the shallower parts of the lake.
http://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/artikkel.php?artid=139611 (only in Norwegian)

-Locating the missing plane of Kapitän zur See Heinrich Woldag whos plane crashed into the sea April 17 1940, close to where his “Schwere Kreuzer” Blücher of the Admiral Hipper class was torpedoed and sank on the morning of April 9, 1940. The first day of the invasion.
http://dt.no/nyheter/flymysterium-utenfor-tofte-1.3331503 (only in Norweigan)

-Locating a cargo ship that sunk an early morning in 1972, and since has been lost. The cargoship was bound for Northern-Norway, and was just loaded at kay in Oslo a few hours before it sank.