Rumors tell that there was a German WW2 tank sunk in one of the Norwegian inland-lakes. No rumor shall be forgotten without looking into it!

During the summer of 2006 we rigged a small RIB boat with a single sided 200KHz sidescan, and did some scans along the cliff in the sea where the rumors tell that there was a German tank missing during the first days of the German invasion of Norway.
This is a tank of similar type:

We did not have too much hope that we would make any discoveries at this site, as the site have been dived by several sport-divers during the years.
And so it was, we did not make any contacts during the day.

A couple of days later, during post processing of the sidescan data, we made a sensational discovery! We had located the missing German tank!

The tank can be seen at the bottom middle of the image. The tank is “facing” the viewer in the image.
This is a small tank, and the image is not the best. But we can still see the gun barrel on the small tower, and the belts on the tank.
The location of the tank have not been revealed for the public.